PerkinElmer Introduces Latest Version of inForm® Advanced Image Analysis Software

PerkinElmer Introduces Latest Version of inForm® Advanced Image Analysis Software

November 27, 2012 at 12:00 AM EST

What: inForm® Image Analysis Software is a patented automated image analysis package for accurately quantifying biomarker expression in tumors and surrounding tissues. The software program is available in two packages: inForm Tissue Finder™ and inForm Cell Analysis™.

The inForm Tissue Finder software operates with the Vectra™ intelligent multispectral slide analysis systems and is a powerful research tool for uncovering trends and relationships between multiplexed markers in the study of disease and development of treatments. It is used for high-throughput imaging when extracting proteomic and morphometric information from intact tissue sections. The inForm Tissue Finder software utilizes a patented algorithm that automates the analysis of images of tissue samples and provides improved accuracy in scoring and quantifying biomarker expression levels in tissues.

The inForm Cell Analysis software package is designed for pathologists and oncologists who want the power of inForm Tissue Finder, but have lower throughput demand or less of a need for the automated tissue segmentation tools of the full program. With a lower entry cost, inForm Cell Analysis can be fully upgraded to inForm Tissue Finder to suit application demands and budget. Both programs work with the Nuance™ EX and Nuance™ FX multispectral imaging systems.
Who: This software is ideal for researchers studying the location and quantification of biomarkers within tissue sections. Cancer researchers will be able to define the tissue regions of interest for accurate and automated per cell quantification of a specific biomarker with both tumor and stroma. Users can look at regions of interest across multiple slides and batch. This capability of identifying sub-populations in tissue is unlike any software available.

Learn more about the software application by reviewing the articles; "Evaluated EMT in FFPE Tissue Sections Using the inForm Data Analysis Software" and "inForm Advanced Image Analysis Software – For Accurately Quantifying Biomarkers in Tissue Sections"
Media Contact: If you are a member of the media interested in scheduling a one-on-one conversation with a PerkinElmer expert, please contact:

Sarah Salbu
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