PerkinElmer Introduces a FT-IR Analysis System for the Analysis of trans-fats in Edible Oils Production

PerkinElmer Introduces a FT-IR Analysis System for the Analysis of trans-fats in Edible Oils Production

March 27, 2013 at 12:00 AM EDT

March 27, 2013


Many countries are beginning to impose strict regulations for the amount of trans-fats allowed in processed foods as it has been found that consumption of trans-fats can lead to an increase in heart disease. Food manufacturers, including commercial oil producers, are increasingly put under pressure to reduce their use of synthetic trans-fats and to clearly label the trans-fat content in food products. As a result, food manufacturers and government testing laboratories need to accurately measure the trans-fat levels in products containing fats and oils to meet these emerging regulations     

To meet this need, PerkinElmer developed a total solution for trans-fat analysis, based on the Spectrum Two FT-IR spectrometer. The Spectrum Two Trans-Fat Analysis System comprises of a Spectrum Two FT-IR, sampling accessory, dedicated software, calibration and documented operating procedures for the determination of trans-fat levels in accordance with the official AOCS Method Cd 14 e-09. This method is ideal for trans-fat levels of CA 1% and above and complements existing technologies offered by PerkinElmer, including GC-MS and TOF MS with Direct Sample Analysis (DSA) for trace level sensitivity and highest specificity. This method requires minimal sample preparation and delivers results in less than two minutes. The Spectrum Two instrument is portable and can be moved to different parts of the production line as needed, speeding up the time from sample to results.                

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