PerkinElmer Embarks with Blaze Bioscience on Innovative Translational Imaging Application to Significantly Improve Intraoperative Detection of Tumors

PerkinElmer Embarks with Blaze Bioscience on Innovative Translational Imaging Application to Significantly Improve Intraoperative Detection of Tumors

May 8, 2013 at 12:00 AM EDT
Summary: PerkinElmer is working in collaboration with Blaze Bioscience to provide real-time near-infrared fluorescence imaging of tumors for surgical oncology research applications with the ultimate goal of translating these disruptive solutions into the clinic.

As part of its objective to translate cutting-edge research technologies into clinical innovations, a PerkinElmer fluorescence imaging system is being used with Blaze Bioscience’s Tumor Paint™ technology in surgical-guidance applications intended to significantly improve surgical oncology outcomes for multiple tumor types in canine patients. The study is being conducted at Washington State University’s (WSU) Veterinary Teaching Hospital.  Through this combined technology platform, surgeons are expected to be able to better determine tumor margins, a key consideration in achieving complete tumor resection while minimizing impact to surrounding healthy tissue.  Conventional clinical tumor margin determination often results in the need for expensive and traumatic repeat surgery.  Enhanced real-time determination of tumor margins is expected to ultimately increase survival rates and lower surgical oncology costs. 

Designed specifically for flexible imaging of small and large animals, including support for surgical environments, PerkinElmer’s fluorescence imaging system is a research tool presently under development and expected to be commercially available for veterinary use by the end of the year. The new system provides fluorescence detection under ambient lighting conditions and offers the ability to accommodate a wide range of detection probes simultaneously.  This, for example, could enable surgeons to image a tumor with one probe and the surrounding nerves with another, helping to guide the surgeon to precisely cut out the tumor while minimizing potential impact to the surrounding nervous system.  Through advanced spectral unmixing technologies, the imaging system will also provide enhanced sensitivity and enable the simultaneous use of experimental probes at various wavelengths of fluorescence.

Both the Tumor Paint technology and open air imaging system show potential for future development as veterinary and human clinical tools to aid in surgical oncology.

Julie Novak, Blaze Bioscience Vice President of Research and Project Management will present the initial results of the collaboration at this year’s Revolutionaries for Global Health Summit in Newton, Massachusetts on May 8th.  The Summit is PerkinElmer’s annual forum for leading researchers and physicians to network and share best practices in both science and business and participate in cutting-edge discussions to help lead to better prevention, detection and treatment of disease.

The new open air fluorescence surgical guidance imaging system will be introduced in September at the World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC). For more information, please visit

About PerkinElmer

PerkinElmer, Inc. is a global leader focused on improving the health and safety of people and the environment. The company reported revenue of approximately $2.1 billion in 2012, has about 7,500 employees serving customers in more than 150 countries, and is a component of the S&P 500 Index. Additional information is available through 1-877-PKI-NYSE, or at

About Blaze Bioscience

Blaze Bioscience, Inc. is a Seattle-based, privately-held biotechnology company dedicated to developing products that assist physicians in their quest to improve the lives of cancer patients. The company was founded in 2010 to develop and commercialize the Tumor Paint technology, which has potential applications in a broad array of solid tumor cancers. Tumor Paint technology is designed to provide real-time, high-resolution intraoperative visualization of cancer cells, enabling better detection and more complete and precise surgical removal of cancer. The first Tumor Paint product candidate, BLZ-100, is under development for cancer surgery in multiple solid tumor types. For additional information, please visit .

Blaze and the Washington State University costs under this collaboration to date have been fully funded from the National Cancer Institute, the National Institutes of Health, and the Department of Health and Human Services under contract number HHSN2612012000054C.

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