CASE STUDY: Pomegranate Juice Adulteration Definitively Identified with PerkinElmer DSA and TOF MS Instrumentation

CASE STUDY: Pomegranate Juice Adulteration Definitively Identified with PerkinElmer DSA and TOF MS Instrumentation

February 20, 2013 at 12:00 AM EST
Summary: A Beverage Industry Challenge – As a result of the surge in the popularity of pomegranate juice there has been an increase in economic fraud to lessen the cost and improve the bitterness of the juice. Sometimes lower-cost juices, like apple and grape, are added, but not mentioned on the product label, and the product is sold at the price of pure pomegranate juice ($30 - 60 per gallon) without some of the retailers' or processors' knowledge.

A Solution-Oriented Approach − PerkinElmer developed the AxION™ Direct Sample Analysis (DSA) system integrated to the AxION 2 Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer (TOF MS), which is designed and suited for the direct sample introduction and detection of adulterant juices in seconds without sample preparation or method development. As a result, users can employ this easily operated and interpreted system to speed up pomegranate juice analysis time to mere seconds and test for adulteration − all without the need to understand the fundamental chemistry. This solution confirms if a sample is in fact adulterated or not by analyzing for marker acids. To understand the extent to which the pomegranate juice has been adulterated, an additional analysis using UV/Vis spectroscopy can measure the concentration of pomegranate or other antioxidant-containing fruit juices present in the sample.

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Interviews: To schedule an interview with a PerkinElmer expert on how to quickly and efficiently detect this adulteration using the method developed leveraging the AxION Direct Sample Analysis system, please contact Brittney Haynes at or (404) 460-9664.
Image: A high-resolution image of the PerkinElmer AxION Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer and Direct Sample Analysis system is available here.

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