PerkinElmer Launches HER2Sense™ Discovery Research Imaging Agent to Enable Personalized Medicine Approaches for Breast Cancer Research

PerkinElmer Launches HER2Sense™ Discovery Research Imaging Agent to Enable Personalized Medicine Approaches for Breast Cancer Research

April 2, 2012 at 12:00 AM EDT

WALTHAM, Mass. – April 2, 2012 –PerkinElmer, Inc., a global leader focused on improving the health and safety of people and the environment, today announced the availability of the HER2Sense™ preclinical imaging agent, to support breast cancer discovery research into personalized medicine.  The HER2Sense agent is the first fluorescent, discovery research imaging agent to be based on a commercialized therapeutic antibody. 

The HER2Sense agent is an antibody-based optical probe for research applications that offers high therapeutic relevance because it is based on Trastuzumab, a well-characterized and validated commercially-available therapeutic antibody used to detect the HER2/Neu receptor for treating forms of cancer. The HER2Sense agent incorporates PerkinElmer’s proprietary VivoTag™ fluorescent dye, which is specifically optimized for use in living systems and Trastuzumab is being supplied by Roche Custom Biotech.

The therapeutic relevance of the HER2Sense agent offers significant value in helping researchers understand the mechanisms of disease, especially as they relate to personalized medicine. For example, current clinical consensus is that the most effective approach in treating breast cancer is through personalized diagnostic methods.  Additionally, clinician opinion has grown around the observation that targeting and modulating HER2 functionality appears to have shown significant promise as a therapeutic tool. As Trastuzumab has been well-characterized in clinical settings, translating this knowledge to preclinical research is believed to be an important step in developing a more complete understanding of the disease model.

According to Peter Schramm, Vice President Custom Biotech US at Roche Applied Science, “There is a clear need for the data generated in animal research to be more relevant to clinical diagnosis, treatment, and even prognosis.  The specificity of the Trastuzumab antibody, combined with the detection characteristics of PerkinElmer’s VivoTag dye, labeled with a high degree of consistency by Roche, will provide an important tool for discovery research applications.  We believe that providing researchers the same antibody utilized in the clinical market will provide a valuable continuum between research data and clinical efficacy.  We are excited to be collaborating with PerkinElmer to provide products designed to contribute to the advancement of cancer research.”

Kevin Hrusovsky, President, Life Sciences & Technology, PerkinElmer, “We are pleased to announce the launch of the HER2Sense imaging agent to support research into breast and other types of cancer.  As the HER2Sense agent is based on Trastuzumab, an existing therapeutic antibody whose action and effects are well known and documented, it is anticipated that the HER2Sense agent will provide researchers with strong analogs between discovery research and clinical research outcomes.  This imaging agent has the potential to provide oncology researchers with revolutionary new data and insights that could influence the development of innovative methods for detecting a range of cancers, and to better guide treatment options.”

Because Trastuzumab specifically detects the HER2/Neu receptor, the HER2Sense agent can also be used to interrogate the status of the HER2/Neu receptor in other non-breast cancer models in living animal systems.  The high sensitivity of the HER2Sense agent has been shown to avoid the systemic immune response found in other antibody-based imaging agents used in discovery research.

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